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All the content on this site is the property of “One Fresh Cup.” All the information provided by shopper is confidential. “One Fresh Cup” will not reveal your information to any third party without your consent. However, we reserve the right to take your information for data analysis and further press release.

Rights and Regulations:

  • For any violation or illegal affairs of the shoppers that cause the lost of “One Fresh Cup” in any forms is liable to compensation.

  • “One Fresh Cup” reserves the right to terminate or alter the service or contents provided on this site. Such right includes the termination of any shopper’s right of use on this site (users with bad intentions for example) without advanced notice. “One Fresh Cup” has no liability to any inconvenience or damage to the particular shopper or individual due to such termination. Shoppers has no right to claim for any kind of compensation if “One Fresh Cup” add, alter or terminate any service on this site when necessary.

  • “One Fresh Cup” agrees to maintain the operation of this site under the regular conditions. However, “One Fresh Cup” reserves the right to terminate the service provided on this site when the following situations occur:

    ( 1 ) “One Fresh Cup” should not take the blame for the damage due to natural and irresistible factors or the violation of the third party.
    ( 2 ) “One Fresh Cup” should not take the blame for the incorrect information on this site when the situation is out of the control of “One Fresh Cup.”
    ( 3 ) “One Fresh Cup” should not take the blame for the damage if the content on this site is copied, altered, deleted, duplicated. Meanwhile, if necessary, “One Fresh Cup” has the right to terminate the service provided on this site.
  • Advertisement or any promotional material of any products on this site is provided by the producer and in this case “One Fresh Cup” only presents such content on this site and has no obligation to investigate such content in any forms.

  • Any product or service provided on this site to the shoppers or system users is only keeps between the shopper and the producer and “One Fresh Cup” should not be involved in such issue. Please contact us immediately when shoppers find any deception, illegal affairs or the violation of privacy rights on this site. In order to protect customers’ right, we will immediately alter, download or cancel the service provided by such supplier once the accusation is proved to be true.

  • “One Fresh Cup” reserve the right to alter users regulations of site as well as the  regulations of any event held by us. The revised version will then be published on this site and the old content will become invalid consequently. “One Fresh Cup” will not inform any individual when such alteration takes place. Shoppers or participants of any event on this site shall take notice of such alteration and the right or obligation due to such alteration on this site. Any following decisions will also be made according to the alteration.


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