About OneFreshCup

Welcome to the One Fresh Cup virtual store, where you can experience the newest way to brew your coffee, without a coffee maker. Our revolutionary Filter Brewer concept allows you to brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee anywhere there is hot water.

  • No more coffee makers!
  • No more messy clean ups!
  • No more wasted coffee!
  • No more compromise on freshness!

What is One Fresh Cup?

One Fresh Cup is a revolutionary coffee brewing concept which brews one cup of coffee at a time, directly into a cup, utilizing a patented filter brewer system containing a variety of gourmet coffee grounds.  The design in the filter brewer fabric allows for maximum "breathing and tumbling room", bringing out the finest coffee aroma.

Why is One Fresh Cup coffee so great?

* Taste

Each serving of One Fresh Cup contains 100% fresh ground coffee imported from major coffee producing countries and roasted to our specific standards. Results of our numerous in-store taste tests reveal that most consumers find the taste of One Fresh Cup coffee comparable or better than the coffee from a gourmet coffee house.

* Freshness

Each serving of One Fresh Cup coffee is packed with fresh ground gourmet coffee in pre-measured amount.  Nitrogen flushed and then sealed in a multi- layered aluminum foil pouch, One Fresh Cup guarantees that every cup you brew is fresh. No more brewing coffee by the pot and compromising freshness.

* Convenience

No more coffee maker or messy filters.  Follow our simple instructions to hang the filter brewer onto your favorite coffee mug.  Start brewing by pouring hot water slowly and directly into the filter opening. Discard the filter brewer after brewing.  Coffee is ready, next cup please!!!!

Each serving of One Fresh Cup is individually packaged and can easily fit in your pocket or a purse, ideal for small households, family outings, offices, or business travel.

The most important thing to remember is, “No More Messy Clean-Ups!!!”.


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